The Homes of Elite Futbol Players

Futboll Luxury real estate home pool backyard

Spectacular futbol players enjoy lavish lifestyles outside of the playing season. Some own houses all over the world, others lease them. Those who lease their luxury homes, do it to be pragmatic. They do play all over the world, and once they are off season, they just want to have a place to call home for a month or two.

However futbol players who have a partner and children with their spouse tend to buy glorious homes for them. Here are some of the most popular locations that futbol players reside a few months out of the year.

Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate

Los Angeles, CA

The city of Angels, where the people from all over the world flock to for a longer vacation. Los Angeles offers many perks for those players with families. It has the best of both worlds as there are a myriad of activities for children and adults alike. Take the famous LACMA museum, with many contemporary and modern exhibit, it’s a blast for adults, yet it also hosts many children friendly exhibits and activities. The restaurant scene is also quite impressive.

Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Amenities

The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, CA

This hidden gem is an ultra luxurious neighborhood where only the top of the elite live. The perfectly manicured yards, large estates, and warm sunny California weather makes Rancho Santa Fe the ideal place for futbol players to relax and enjoy their families. It is a very familial neighborhood, but you don’t necessarily have to have a spouse and children to enjoy this luxurious neighborhoods. The large estates in Rancho Santa Fe makes for an spectacular bachelor pad as well. To see the¬†Rancho Santa Fe MLS listings¬†click on the link. Even if you don’t have the cash at the moment, it is still quite the impressive gallery.

Luxury Miami Real Estate Futbol

Miami, FL

Most elite futbol players have a fun side as well, thus they go to splurge, party, and relax pool side in the most incredible penthouses and houses around Miami. Some enjoy the busy and playful neighborhood of Brickell, where the nightlife is beyond anything. Others prefer the slim piece of land called Sunny Isles for its quite demeanor, and spectacular turquoise ocean views.

Mexico vs. Chile 2016 Copa America

Mexico vs. Chile 2016 Copa America

We have to talk about this incredulous epic game. I mean by the second half the game was looking more like a practice session. By the end of the game you could feel the heartbreak of the Mexican fans. It was an ugly site, that left many in tears. Although it is expected for some fans to be heartbroken, it was another thing for their team to lose 7-0.

Below are the highlights of what some are calling a historic game.